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MyEO is members hosting MyEO Events and creating MyEO Groups geared toward their unique interests.
Do you have a personal passion that can drive the creation of a MyEO Event or the formation of a MyEO Group ?

MyEO Groups
MyEO Groups

Take your EO experience a step further— engage a new network of peers united to focus on business, passion or lifestyle. MyEO Groups use existing social media platforms, like Facebook and Google Groups, leveraging in a central location for promotion exclusively to EO members.

Group Examples:

Real estate, retail, green and technology industries; golf, scuba diving, motorcycling.

MyEO Events
MyEO Events

Take advantage of MyEO events geared specifically toward your passions! Events can include family, lifestyle, business, adventure, bucket list and social enterprise. Through the MyEO platform members, chapters and regions can either participate or champion new events.

Event Examples:

Alaskan ice fishing, Discover Shanghai, Everest Summit, Thailand monastery experience.