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Learn about the new EO Hub

The new EO Hub will be your one-stop-shop for all things EO! A smooth, frictionless online experience, which will help you to achieve transformational growth. Looking to learn more about how we’re reinventing EO’s operations (REO)? Check out our updates page for the latest news and updates. You can find detailed FAQs here to address any issues you may have.


We are reinventing EO’s operations (REO) to meet the changing needs of our members and enhance the member experience. This includes reviewing and upgrading many of our processes, systems and platforms.

What will I see?
Many of these changes to our operations, processes, and platforms are taking place behind the scenes, these upgrades will enhance your EO experience and ensure you get the most value from your membership.

The EO Hub
The EO Hub will be a one-stop shop for members to connect, join events, access learning materials, and hear stories from EO members around the globe.

4.0 Strategy
This programme is part of our 4.0 Strategy and will help us to become a high-performing organization, ready for future growth.

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