Entrepreneurs’ Organization rebrands to help members thrive and grow in the new global economy


ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, USA (29 JULY 2020) – In its 33rd year, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a high-quality support network of 14,000+ like-minded leaders across 61 countries, proudly unveils its new brand. Launched virtually, the brand represents the culmination of nearly four decades of evolution and offers a roadmap to enable transformational growth in the lives of each of its individual members. Its purpose, to help members achieve their full potential in life and in business.

“From its earlier community focus, our new purpose, ambition and strategy is deeply rooted in helping each individual EO member grow beyond their personal limits with life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning, ” says Bob Tassone, EO Chair. “At a time when entrepreneurs are facing unprecedented challenges, we have seen members truly lean-in to the EO network for support. Our new brand is a celebration of the people and the human connections that make the network an invaluable resource for its members.”

EO has been helping entrepreneurs learn and grow since its inception with just 22 members in1987. Initially called Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO) – its membership grew across continents within a few years. In 1996, YEO helped create the World Entrepreneurs’ Organization (WEO), which served as an alumni organization for YEO members who, after the age of 40, wanted to continue their member journey. In 2005, YEO and WEO merged to form the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Designed following an inclusive discovery process and input from members and employees across the world, the new brand is about interconnection, inclusion, transformation and growth. Rings in vibrant colours create a dynamic circle in the new logo expressing EO’s community, values and mindsets. Multiple lines interact and influence one another as they connect to embark on life’s journey together, highlighting the community, support and once-in-a-lifetime experiences members find with EO.

“Transformational growth is a big reach and we all need help sometimes. Especially leaders, as it’s lonely at the top,” adds Tassone. EO offers a safe space where members can have real conversations and learn from one another by sharing their experiences, successes, and failures. Understanding that people can go only so far alone, EO provides the infrastructure and support for members to grow together.

Learn more about EO and join us on this transformation journey at www.eonetwork.org

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a high-quality support network of 14,000+ like-minded leaders across 61 countries. We help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning.

EO has been helping entrepreneurs achieve transformational growth since 1987. Our member network is committed to learning and helping each other succeed. Gain access to the world’s top experts. Grow beyond your personal limits. Make breakthroughs as you redefine and realize your goals in life and in business.

Today’s EO members employ over four million people worldwide and the network continues to thrive and grow. For more information, visit www.eonetwork.org.

Priscilla May D'Souza
Email: [email protected]